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Established in 2018 to provide quick tips, tricks, and advice for getting the best deals on short-term insurance, bluntmag.co.za aims to be the South African consumer’s go-to source when it comes time to insure their cars, homes, businesses, or related assets.

If we here at bluntmag.co.za could be said to have a single defining characteristic, it would be our in-depth knowledge of the often overwhelming local insurance landscape. What drives our dissemination of that knowledge is a deep desire to assist South Africans in avoiding the sorts of life-derailing disasters that can come about as a result of being uninsured or having short-term coverage that is insufficient to meeting their insurance needs.

The insurance environment in South Africa is one in which over 600 homes are burglarised daily, two-thirds of the cars on our roads are uninsured, and around R8 billion is lost to hijackings and car thefts annually. Circling this minefield of risk, fly-by-night insurers are more than happy to make any piecrust promise that will get you to put your signature on their insurance policies; often leaving the consumer caught in legal loopholes and hanging in limbo when the time comes to deliver on those easy-to-make, easy-to-break ‘guarantees’.

Our mission at bluntmag.co.za, is to help you navigate the uncertainty presented by this day-to-day reality, so that you can make short-term insurance decisions that you won’t come to regret if and when disaster strikes.